Sunday, September 2, 2012

2 September 2012 RS Lesson

These tools are taken from Building a Mind of Steel by Kirk Duncan founder of 3 Key Elements.

Thoughts + Emotions + Actions = Results

We think about 60,000 to 85,000 thoughts per day and for a normal person at least 72% of those are negative. Is that what you want to determine your results in life?

“The adversary cannot make us do anything. He does lie at our door, as the scriptures say, and he follows us each day. Every time we go out, every decision we make, we are either choosing to move in his direction or in the direction of our Savior. But the adversary must depart if we tell him to depart. He cannot influence us unless we allow him to do so, and he knows that! The only time he can affect our minds and bodies-our very spirits-is when we allow him to do so.”

Robert D. Hales Ensign May 2006

The negative self-talk and chatter that goes on in our minds is Satan’s way of bringing us to his side. Start becoming aware of the conversations (self-talk) that is going on inside so you can change it!


1. Write down the top 10 (or start with 5) negative comments you hear most often in your head (this is Satan’s ammunition). Then on the opposite side of the page write an opposite statement and add 1 more positive (this is your ammunition).


I can’t measure up,                             I’m doing the best I know how and that is good enough
I’m not good enough.                          and I have Heavenly Father’s help and support

2. Write a page description of who you are and why you are here. Read it every night before you go to bed so it will get reviewed while you are sleeping.

This will bring to remembrance the truth of you when times get challenging.

3. Track the negative comments that go on in your head, Write it down!! If you can see it you can stop it! This builds evidence for the brain to shift. Then it will become an automatic shift.

Now build the positive. Tools to help you listen to the spirit and the ministering angels that are there to help you:

1. Have a goal or vision in mind. Build a vision board so you can see what you are aiming for.

2. Journal all the positive things that are happening. The inspiration you are receiving. Builds evidence again that there is heavenly help for you.

3. Get clear on your direction so those around you (angels and humans) know how to help you. Keep your focus.

4. To help you become clear get up during the “last watch” the stillness of the night somewhere between 4:00 & 5:30 in the morning to journal. Ask questions and ponder. If you don’t want to do the early morning thing, another tool would be to write a letter to your Heavenly Father. Let him know all your thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts, questions etc. Get it all down, then skip some space and write his response back to you. Write down any thoughts or impressions that come to your mind. You will be amazed. I did this and loved it!!!

5. Choose to help people. Lose yourself. Also you will find that the other persons guarding angels will be teaching you how to help that person.

6. Before you go to sleep write questions down and allow your unconscious mind to solve them during your sleep. The next morning be sure to have paper and pen handy to write down the inspiration that comes.

7. Be in nature. The peace and calm of nature will nurture you.

8. Meditate daily. Always find a space of quiet time to calm the mind. Sit and just listen to your breathing or your heart beating.

You won't be using every tool at once. Use different tools at different times. These are just ideas to help you tune into the good (Godly) voices. Change your thoughts. Change your results. Change your life.
~Mishelle Knuteson